The objective of this seminar is to provide a platform of exchanges between citizens, in particular academics, students, representatives of NGOs and industries, on issues such as global warming, financial imbalances and systemic risks.

Current social, ecological, financial and economic challenges require active citizens. The next 10 to 20 years are crucial in order to avoid catastrophes and reshape of the future. This monthly seminar shall be fruitful in terms of creative ideas for local and global levels.

Event framework

In a monthly rhythm, we welcome interested people from all fields to join these events.

After the presentation held by an expert on sustainability, everybody is invited to join an aperitif, where we get the possibility to discuss the presented ideas and concepts.


Events in 2018

Date Speaker Title
27.04.2018 Jean-Charles Rochet & Martin Alder Sovereign Money




Events in 2017

Date Speaker Title
31.03.2017 Katharina Serafimova Changing Finance – Financing Change
28.04.2017 Sascha Nick First steps towards a sustainable world
18.05.2017 Marco d’Errico Financial S(us)ta(ina)bility via systemic risk management
29.09.2017 Denis Dupre Can Ethical Finance prevent from Civilization Collapse?
27.10.2017 Hans Ruh Die Magie des Geldes
13.12.2017 Stefano Battiston Financial Stability and Sustainability